Paramedic Consortium HISTORY

The Creighton University - Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois Paramedic Consortium (CUAMT) was organized by Creighton University EMS Education, Omaha, Nebraska and Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois to better serve the educational needs of the central Illinois area. Advanced Medical Transport's leadership team approached Creighton University with a proposal to develop this program in order to enrich our educational offerings with an exceptional, University sponsored paramedic education program. Advanced Medical Transport of central Illinois has been receiving Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) training from Creighton University for three years and has developed a relationship of mutual respect as a result of the CCP offering.

Creighton University has been offering EMS education for 40 years. In 1994, Creighton University conferred its first Bachelor of Science in EMS degree. Creighton University is accredited by CAAHEP upon the recommendation of the CoAEMSP, receiving initial programmatic accreditation in 1984.

AMT became Illinois' first and only CAAS accredited ambulance provider in 2002.

AMT developed the EMS Academy in August of 1998 and conducted its first Emergency Medical Technician (Basic EMT) course that same year. In the fall of 2001, AMT's EMS Academy offered its first EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedic courses. The courses were well received throughout the area. In 2003, Advanced Medical Transport constructed a training facility dedicated to EMS education. The new facility occupies 5,500 square feet and includes a lobby for study and two multimedia classrooms.

Classroom "A" is the larger of the two classrooms and seats 60 students comfortably in a theater-style seating environment. The classroom is equipped with three large projection screens (one in the front center of the classroom, and one on both front corners of the classroom).

Classroom "B" is smaller and seats 30 students comfortably. This classroom has one large projection screen in the center front wall of the room, which is viewable by all. Both classrooms have the technology available for the instructor to use such resources as DVD's, VHS, Internet, television, an image scanner and a fully functioning PC. In the lobby of the EMS Academy, there is an actual ambulance patient compartment for practicals. This resource is used for life like simulations and student practice.

In 2011, Advanced Medical Transport expanded the training facility by adding two dedicated breakout rooms, an office for the program director and two more full size (multi-occupancy) bathrooms for students. The two breakout rooms allow for individual and small group training and testing. The breakout rooms are fully equipped with adult and pediatric training equipment and supplies. The facility has a dedicated food service area with quality features.

Established in 2011, the Creighton University-Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois Paramedic Consortium provides primary paramedic education with the option for certificate, associates, or bachelor degree completion. The CUAMT Paramedic Consortium received a Letter of Review in November 2015.

AMT became Illinois' first and only CAAS accredited ambulance provider in 2002. AMT achieved a "Perfect Score" at that time from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services and has successfully duplicated that achievement in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, and most recently in June 2017.